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Amazon offer where you can buy Tata Coffee Grand Jar, 50g at Lowest Price Online Rs.55.

Tata Coffee Grand Jar, 50g

Tata coffee grand is a unique product formulation. First of its kind in instant coffee. A smooth blend of agglomerated coffee powder and freeze dried coffee that promises a superior taste and rich ...

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dear amazontata coffee is 76 % coffee and chicory mixed , its not 100 % coffee bean please change the description
December 9, 2015
I'm a huge Coffee Addict and I love this one. Its better than Bru and Nescafe Classic. Obviously, Nescafe Gold is the best.Be informed that it is not Pure Coffee. Has a mix of Chicory.I drink Americano, so don't know how it tastes in Milk
February 21, 2016
3 stars for the taste..However, if you are a conscious human and prefer knowing what's inside before consumption, let me tell you, this is NOT 100% coffee.It has chicory blended in it.Plus, it has ADDED NATURAL AND NATURE IDENTICAL FLAVOR (coffee flavor).Now who does that?
October 8, 2016
I have attached a photo of its ingredients ,I feels it is better than bru and nescafe classic (in aroma and taste ) but not great as nescafe gold blend .....but it's price is 60 % less nescafe gold blend .......can say good initiate by tata global beverage Ltd ...
December 12, 2015
Wow ! couldn't have asked for anything more from Tata Coffee, its just about early morning and couldn't resist trying this coffee, which I received last evening .My first impression was to play some equally lively music and then woke up my family members for them to also enjoy , coffee early morning ( instead of the tea) .The flavour , colour all are perfectly fine .Excellent aroma too.cheers to Tata Coffee !! need to order more , even if its has to be "pre order"
December 8, 2015
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