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Amazon brings an amazing offer where you can buy SoundMagic ES11S Headset (Black/Green) at Lowest Price Online Rs.346.

SoundMagic ES11S Headset (Black/Green)

Rs. 346 699

Comfortable fit and distinctive design; Powerful bass balanced with superb musical detail; Good balance, precise reproduction; Good noise isolation hear protection

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I loved these headphones! I don't consider myself to be an audiophile but I do appreciate well balanced headphones that have crisp highs as well as a strong bass while not neglecting the mids.These headphone have been one of the best I have tried so far in the budget category. The bass response is GREAT but not overpowering. Honestly I was surprised how great these were for the price. Apparently they use the same drivers as the higher end earbuds from sound magic but compromise on build quality,It is all plastic and the cables seem flimsy, but I use the daily and so far they have lasted and taken some abuse. They are also cheap enough to where I wouldn't feel that bad buying a new pair in 6 months if these don't last. It comes with inbuilt smart switch which is compatible for all Android & iOS devices even Tablets too.. also works fine with my MP3 player. I found the sound isolation to be pretty decent but if you want more, I'd suggest getting different tips. I did find that I had to turn the volume higher compared to some cheaper headphones so keep that in mind when trying them out.I highly recommend these headphones and I think I have found a long term pair!
November 30, 2016
Sounds very well overall good product delivary 👍
December 1, 2016
It's best in this price
December 1, 2016
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