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Amazon selling Sony SRS-X55 Premium Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth and NFC (Black) at Lowest Price Online Rs.7990.

Sony SRS-X55 Premium Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth and NFC (Black)

Rs. 7,990 16990

Premium sound (30W); Clear audio (best sound setting); One touch wireless listening with bluetooth and NFC; Mobile Can be charged (in-built power bank of 2200 mAh); Continuous playback time 10 hrs; ...

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One of the best wireless speakers. The bass may be a bit on the lower side, but placing it close to a wall you would be amazed the passive radiators have. The mid and highs are well balanced. The charge lasts for around 7-7.5 hours when listening at 3/4th the volume.
May 14, 2016
Gifted to me & bought by amazon. Only buy from cloudtail as such it will cover warranty from sony. For the speaker i will mind say blowing music quality. Balance sound & solid bass. Do not buy if you are looking for outdoor music. It will disappointed as such in outdoor u will get only bass. The speakers justify its price and sound quality in home. If you want to buy any music system that is classy go for it. Thumbs up for sony. Better than bode sound-link mini which i have heard in showroom. Bhai apni size se bahut zyada aukat hai is speaker ki.
August 7, 2016
Pretty good speaker overall. Got it at the price of Rs. 7990 + cashback and at this price point no other speaker comes even close to its performance.Pros :- Large drivers mean the speakers are pretty loud and good enough to fill apartment rooms. Play it in the hall at 60% and is audible in the adjacent room and kitchen.- Keep it below 70-80% volume and the bass is good and not boomy. Its does not muddle other frequency range and vocals and instruments are audible at all volumes. Feels like the speaker favours treble more than bass, which works for me but might not for others.- Clarity is EXCELLENT and even at lower volumes it is easy to hear the vocals. The instruments play nicely and its easy to notice minor details as long as the audio source is high quality.- The Clearaudio does improve the soundstage and audio separation but I felt vocals lost the quality, so I personally will not be using that feature much.- Good looking and pretty portable.- Separate output ratings for battery/ac. Meaning the speaker is louder when AC charger is plugged in. Not sure how useful it is but perhaps this preserves battery life.Cons :- At higher volumes the sound processing kicks in and kills the bass. Probably done to avoid cracking but should have been handled better.- Cannot connect multiple devices simultaneously. Given that speakers at even 1/4th the price point allow it, this is not acceptable.- Because of LDAC which requests more data over bluetooth, when playing videos, the audio may seem little out of sync. Its not a huge delay though. Better to play video with Aux in cable.- AC adapter is HUGE and difficult to conceal. If your switchboard is crowded this might become an issue.- A case would have been nice to have.Note:- When increasing volume the green LED blinks. If it blinks multiple times when pressing volume "+" once, that means you are already at full volume.
October 4, 2016
Love it, love it. Great sound, awesome bass. I've heard music on the the Bose soundlink mini... and I feel the output of this is way better.Has a sleek, minimalistic look that I love... The glossy top is a fingerprint magnet though.... but that doesn't bother me.Is quite stable... doesn't dance around at high volumes.Picked this after reading several reviews online and I'm happy to say I'm not disappointed.Setting up was a no brainer... I used NFCI basically needed a no fuss speaker without wires to play music around the house and to provide the audio for when I watch movies/TV. This fits the bill perfectly. I can't wait to have a party and test it at full volume...This is a compact speaker though I must say it was bigger than I expected as the photos make it look really tiny. Also weighs about 1 kg.It came with a free case. Not the best looking one... but I'll be able to take it when I travel without worrying about damaging the speaker... so it works for me.
June 29, 2015
Awesome speakers if you love clarity of sound. You will not regretPros clear soundNfc10+hrs backup Few ConsCan't be charged by any mobile chargerThere should be a mute button.
October 23, 2015
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