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Amazon brings an amazing offer where you can buy SanDisk Cruzer Blade 32GB USB Flash Drive at discounted price Rs.414.

SanDisk Cruzer Blade 32GB USB Flash Drive

Rs. 442

Ultra-compact and portable USB flash drive; Share your photos, videos, songs and other files between computers with ease; Protect your private files with included SanDisk SecureAccess software; ...

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I bought this Pen Drive thinking its a class 4 product (4 MBPS write speed) But I was amazed to see that its not!I got a speed of 7.5 MBps while writing the data from my laptop (Asus, i5, 500GB, 1GB, USB 2.0, Windows 7 HP) to cruzer blade.So I decided to perform the tests. Here are the results: (Format - FAT32)1. ISO file (Linux Mint 16 - 1.13 GB) - Started with 4.5 MBps but in 10 seconds caught a steady speed of 7.5 MBps.2. MP3 files (69 files - Total 1.1 GB) - Started with 6 MBps and after 2 seconds, fluctuated between 6.8 - 7.4 MBps.3. MP4 video (1 file - 400 MB) - Started at 6.8 MBps and after 3 seconds, speed was always above 7.2 MBps.4. Zip Files (21 files - 281 MB) - Started at 6 MBps and then fluctuated between 6-6.5 MBps.5. PPT Files (92 files - 141 MB) - Started at 4.8 MBps and then remained in between 5 - 5.5 MBps.6. PDF Files (15 files - 52 MB) - Started at 7.5 MBps and remained constant..>> Read Speed of this Pendrive is almost constant for above 6 files i.e 18 MBps - 20 MBps.Final Words: There are two possibilities1. Either only my Pen drive is such a faster hunk, or2. Sandisk has improved the write speed in this Pen Drive.GO FOR IT>>>
December 31, 2013
About the drive:Build: This drive is very tiny. Its length is about 2/3rd size of an index finger of a grown man. It's built of a weak plastic material that seems like it'll crush in 1 stomp of a foot. The drive becomes warm after about 10 mins of continuous usage.For better build: Try HP v250w. IIt's more expensive, but it's made of steel.Performance: This is a usb 2.0 drive and that means it has slower transfer speeds compared to usb 3.0 drives. For example, the drive scored 6-7 Mbps write speed while transferring files onto the drive.For Better performance: If you're planning to frequently load unload a lot of large files, consider investing in a usb 3.0 drive like Transcend Jetflash 700 or HP X205.Like: Cheap, smallDislike: build qualityRecommended to: Ones who need big size on budget and are willing to compromise on sturdy build quality and fast performance of usb 3.0 pen drive.Sure this drive has some flaws. But at the given budget, this the max storage that one can get. Hence the 5 star rating.
May 16, 2014
OK Prouduct, bought it because it was cheap compared to others. Not recommended for frequent use. I use this one to load my Windows OS bootable. If you are looking for daily usage and frequent file transfer "This is NOT for u" go for other ones. Reading speed is ok, but writing speed is horrible it was around 12 Mega Byte per second and came down to 5 Mega Byte per second, and its normal with Sandisk products. It happens. And the speed is expected to go down to 3 Mega Byte Per Second. So think before buying.Build quality is very poor.. Totally made of Plastic. And already broke one, and its still working somehow.Build quality = 1 out of 10Transfer Rate/ Speed = 3 out of 10Frequent usage - NOT RECOMMENDED.Once in a Blue Moon - Go ahead its cheap.Pls check the images of the speed test done with two different software
November 7, 2015
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