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Amazon, the online shopping store best offer where you can buy Redragon Vara K551 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard at Rs.3799.

Redragon Vara K551 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Rs. 3,799 7990

Custom mechanical switches (Cherry Green equivalent) for ultimate gaming performance; Red LED adjustable lighting and double-shot injection molded keycaps for crystal clear backlighting; Aluminum and ...

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iTS A GOOD BUY IN 3648/- ADN THEN 15 % DISCOUNT... but it was amazon prime and they missed the one day delivery timeline ... i got it in 2 days though....key puller is missing...keys are in deed cherry mx clone.. and the sound and feel u get while typing is similar to other high end mechanical gaming keyboard...lit... though you can scale brightness and... breathing effect alsoKeys requrie very less pressure to press so u might press other keys in a hurry... but they are nicely spaced ... but u will needa learning curve if moving from a non mechanical keyboard..Its very heavy ... aluminum plate... and its has got Num KP also....its good prodcut.. will update review after 4-5 ,motnhs of use...till tehn its apt and good... very good for gamers who are looking for budget options for mechanical keyboard..cherry mx green.. clone of cherry mx blue as described by other lock key is a plus for gamers....
October 26, 2016
So, i bought it from amazon about a month ago in a lightning offer (got it for around 3k)For the price, it provides really satisfying sound and feel that you expect from any mech keyboard. Even though the keys aren't cherry mx blues but they are almost identical! In the description it says that the keys are cherry mx green equivalent which is certainly not true! The keys are really soft and clicky(and feel the same as cherry mx blues)If you're able to get it for less than 5k online then just go for it. You won't regret!
February 27, 2016
This a very well built and good looking keyboard and the keys feel awesome. Initially I was bit sceptical in buying the keyboard since I was not aware of the Redragon brand and also there is no clear information whether the company has any service centre in India. Im not a gamer but I wanted a good mechanical keyboard for enhancing my typing experience. Initially I thought of buying the TVS bharat gold keyboard as it is much cheaper and also has cherry mx blue keys. However when I checked out the keyboard in person I was not at all impressed with the overall looks and plastic quality. I found the TVS keyboard too basic and utilatarian for my choice with no multimedia functions and a two decade old design. Overall Im satisfied with my purchase. This is my first mechanical keyboard so i cannot say how it feels compared to other mechanical keyboards but I can say it feels way better than a membrane keyboard. The keys have good tactile feedback and there is also a very clicky sound. I took a chance and based on the reviews on and I purchased this one. I hope it proves to be a reliable and quality choice over the years. Some users have got it at a very low price in lightning deals but I would say it is a good buy if available within 5k. This keyboard is definitely a try for 1st time users of mechanical keyboard.
July 25, 2016
Soon, as I received the keyboard, the first thing on the list was to press the keys and get a feel. The keys feel very soft, I tell you and loud, I am not the guy who has fiddled around with a lot of keyboards, but this is still pretty loud, but at the same time the sound and the tacticle feedback tell you precisely when you have depressed the key enough and is good if you're switching to a mechanical typer for the first time, might not be the best for taking over to your office though. People have compared the keys to the Cherry MX Blues, that are on the costlier side and supposedly offer the same performance.The backlighting on the board is generous, every key has its own little little light behind it which illuminates the whole keyboard seamlessly.The double-shot ABS keycaps on the Vara do their job and distribute the light evenly. The "Windows Key" has a little bit of a light distribution problem (only noticable upon VERY close inspection) which might just be in the particular model I have but, I didn't really seem to mind it since I got much more than what I paid for already.The board feels pretty heavy and solid, owing to the aluminium used in the construction and ofcourse, the technology of the board itself and it has rubber feet to keep it in its designated place during those marathon typing AND/OR gaming sessions.The board has a function key which helps you enable/disable the breathing effect, change the brightness, change the state for the LEDs. It also lets you use the multimedia functions, lock the windows key OR lock all the keys. The LEDs can be really bright and go all the way to a good level of dim in steps, but I'd prefer them to have the ability to go even lower (PRICE! PRICE! PRICE!).Read more ›
May 31, 2016
This is my first mechanical keyboard. I'm a touch typist for several years. I've kind of hit the wall with regular membrane keyboards, With my speed just hitting a plateau, I'm a developer so i have to write lots of code, the membrane keyboards started tire me out completely, i used hit the bed with sore fingers. I was looking for keyboard that help me not tire.I started to look at mechanical keyboards, most of them are pretty expensive, with cherry blue switches, although this one doesn't come with Cherry MX blues, these are quite close, a great buy for price. If this your first mechanical keyboard, this just is a perfect buy. I'm going to enjoy this keyboard for years to come.
May 11, 2016
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