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Amazon selling Philips HP6421/00 Satinelle Epilator Legs with Body Plus Philips Hair Dryer at Discounted Price Rs.1649.

Philips Satinelle Epilator HP6421/00, Legs & Body

Two speed settings for gentle epilation and maximum performance; Gentle tweezing discs remove hairs without pulling the skin; Profiled, ergonomic grip for comfortable handling and remove hairs as ...

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Best epilator for a beginner. Bought this an yearago and its been super helpful.Things to keep in mind before you buy this:1. It is very painful. On a scale its similar to waxing.2. Use it only for the body and not for the face.3. It is time consuming. It takes at least 40 minutes for the body, if you brave the pain, Longer if you pause a lot.4. You need a power outlet in your bathroom.It is a well designed epilator. Easy to hold and does not tire my arm. I wish this could have been battery operated, Nevertheless a powerful motor. The quality is a bit flimsy after repeated use the epilator head gets a bit loose. The two speed is very useful for beginners. The brush is not much useful. I clean it with a old tooth brush and it is much better.TIPS FROM EXPERIENCE :1. Exfoliate and take a warm bath before epilating. Also avoid during Pms as body is very sensitive and epilating will be super painful.2. Post epilating use a mild cleanser and a non-comodogenic moisturizer. This will help with ingrown hair and infections.3.Avoid any other treatments like bleaching and masks the day you epilate.let the skin breath and absorb the mositurizer4. Start at the lower speed and brave the first few minutes, as the body will soon adjust to the pain. If u take lot of breaks, its gonna be very painful when you start again.5. Keep the hair short, if it is long, shave and wait for few days to let it grow 1/4 inch. This is less painful. 6. Be regular in epilating and you will see that the growth slows and the hair will be thinner and sparse.If you like my review and tips, do give this review a thumbs up.
December 23, 2015
When I ordered this, I wasn't sure I've done the right thing or not. But I was tired of hair at the wrong places at the wrong time. Good beauty parlors are hard to find and then they take a lot of time. Its been one month I've been using this product and I sure love it. Below are the few reasons why I love this product:1. You can easily remove hair at any time of a day. You want to go out and suddenly notice that you have few grown hair...5 minutes of magic and all gone!!2. Easily remove hair from any part of the body. Yes I've used it to remove underarms and bikini line hair and I'm quite happy with the results. However, down there it sure hurts like hell. But that would be same as in waxing. Atleast you would have the privacy. ;)3. Doesn't produce much noise.4. Long wire is provided which is really necessary.5. Can be easily used in bathroom before or after shower.6. Really the size of this product.7. Growth of hair varies from person to person, for me hair appeared within 2 weeks. Really tiny-tiny hair, which I removed as soon as I could.8. You can wash it after every use. So its totally hygienic.8. BEST epilator at this price!!!I didn't find any problem in this product. But yeah it doesn't pain that much like various people suggested in various sites. It pains like ant bites, which is quite bearable. After one or two times, believe me you won't feel a single thing. NowIngrown Hair- If anyone faced this while waxing, it will be same with epilation. For people who can afford a higher range product, can go for an Epilator with exfoliator or buy it separately. Those who do not have this problem can rest assured!!!!Go ahead and buy this product....a must have for girls....
June 1, 2014
Awesome really reduces the parlour is bit painful. But it's a good Idea to start using this product for the first time after almost 7 days of waxing and then use it every 6 to 7 days.. Skin feels so smooth and eventually the hair growth reduces.. Most importantly it plucks the hair from its root and does not cut hair like other razors.. Must have product
February 7, 2016
As all the other epilators i used, philips have same function... Previously i used braun epilator it too was good...Now the difference is that braun epilator is easy to use then philips, u can use braun epilators without any safty cover which is there in epilator pinches u sometimes if u dont hold it properly but with braun u can go flowing over ur body but With practice u can master ur epilation technique... phillips have speed butons but braun works on single speedPhilips gives u safty cap which is very good for underarms and bikini line which braun provides only in costiler version but pls dont use for bikini it will definately hurt as that area is very sensitive then u expect... ya but if u r able to bear the pain then girls go for it price way philips is slightly cheaperboth are from europe so they do excellent jobI still like braun much but philips is not bad at all as its trusted brand in india since my moms age...So either u buy phillips or braun u eill get the same job done and better then PARLORBut i still recommend braun 1... for beginners then u can go with philips when u master...I have Genuinely reviewed it for u so u can compare the things and think and buy without any regretsThanks
August 27, 2016
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