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Amazon offering Organic Tattva Brown Basmati Rice, 1kg at Discounted Price Rs.99.

Organic Tattva Brown Basmati Rice, 1kg

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Organically grown without pesticides and fertilizers; Organic tattva's brown rice not just ensures you get the lowest possible starch content but also gives you the most sumptuous tastes and the ...

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I ordered 3 packets of organic brown basmati rice. And received as early as possible, thanks to amazon. As I started washing this rice , no colour change of water itself showed its good quality brownrice. Brown basmati is a bit less tasty than ordinary and takes double time to cook than ordinary basmati. But since I want to prepare my child safe rice loaded with vitamins, I choose this. So if you are looking for tasty rice, this is not for you, but if u are looking for healthy one definitely yes.
September 15, 2015
The brown basmati rice of this brand is excellent to use .the grain are long and thick .the packet I recd was of fresh manufacturing date .its usfda approved free of pesticides and chemicals .the spanish brown rice paela I cooked turned excellent using this brand of brown basmati rice .will purchase again
June 20, 2015
Rice looks good, however takes long time to cook and does not look or taste like basmati after cooked. Need to be Pressure cooked for long time to feed my kid. Not sure if this is how brown rice is meant to be
May 14, 2015
After cooking, this rice looks and tastes just like any other brown rice. You can't really tell it's a basmati. It lacks fragrance, aroma, and is somewhat sticky. On the positive side, it has a pleasant and slightly crunchy texture. Compared to ordinary brown rice, it is also lighter, less drying, and more easily digested. So, considering the pros and cons, I am quite satisfied with this rice and will definitely buy again. It is a nice complement to the normal white basmati, and much more nutritious. As with all brown rice, just make sure you soak it for 24 hours or more before cooking, to eliminate the harmful phytic acid present in the bran. It should then be simmered at very low heat for about 40 minutes.
May 28, 2016
It doesn't look like basmati rice after looked like plain brown rice. Rice was big and not long
December 13, 2015
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