iRevo Smart Mini PC (Desktop/Compute Stick), Quad Core CPU, with Microsoft Office and Wireless Keyboard plus Mouse

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Amazon offering iRevo Smart Mini PC (Desktop/Compute Stick), Quad Core CPU, with Microsoft Office and Wireless Keyboard plus Mouse at Rs.4999.

iRevo Smart Mini PC (Desktop/Compute Stick), Quad Core CPU, with Microsoft Office and Wireless Keyboard plus Mouse

Rs. 4,999 7999

Netflix Ready; Quad Core CPU with 1GB DRAM and 8GB HD. Functions as WiFi Router too.; Word, Excel and Powerpoint are pre-installed; Easy to use with iRevo WebTop. No Pop-ups and No Viruses.; ...

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I purchased this item just before Christmas this year and paid an extra charge of Rs 100 towards shipping. All these shows the intensity with which I wanted this item as a gift for my wife on Christmas. The item reached on time on 23 Dec 2015. But when I connected everything, it did not work. The IRevo box was defective and it always had a blinking red light. I read all the reviews and saw the Indian Management Team that was behind this product and trusted them to make better products than the Chinese ones. Anyways, I called their office here in Bangalore and then their team asked me to bring the box, to be replaced with a new box pack. I did the same the next day, and then next day I had a new box. I connected the same and this box worked flawlessly. But the mouse was totally unresponsive. Again another call and they asked me to bring the mouse and keyboard to be replaced with another new one. Once again on 26th Dec, I went to their place to replace the same and came back with a changed mouse and keyboard. This time, everything from the box to the mouse worked flawlessly. It was a good experience and my wife loved it as well, especially while playing the videos from YouTube.But this experience and the sweetness just went sour very next day. While watching TED videos from Youtube, the box just stopped and started showing a red blinking light. The same problem that I had when I received the box for the first time. This just killed my faith in them and I was frustrated with the whole experience. How can someone sell items that they are not sure will work flawlessly even after multiple replacements and visits from customer.Read more ›
December 28, 2015
Hassle free transaction and quick delivery. It was also well packed.Pro:Compact size and easy to link all hardware.Good wifi receptionVery good as a media player, media streaming, gamesease of use with provided keyboard and mouse.Con:Must provide email number and mobile number to be able to use. Then again separate google ID for google play and services. Why should there be a need to collect email and phone number. This becomes a security risk, so risky to use for secure transactions and even opening mails.Initial setting of display is in NTSC mode. Can not change settings without initial log in. So you have to work practically blindly.Highly customised UI takes too much RAM and leaves limited space for other apps.MS Office is not "pre-installed" but only link is provided and need to be downloaded and installed.Not useful as a general browser as font display is not crisp and difficult to read content.No inbuilt mic or camera.No option to add micro SD card and increase memory.There are two USB port of which one is permanently blocked for keyboard/mouse dongle. So only one port left for everything else. Can use only external drive or external webcam/mic
August 4, 2015
First Amazon is great. Since my first purchase with Amazon I've stop buying products from any other online website. From delivery to refund, Amazon has won my heart. Everything was quick not like Flipkart giving lots of reason for replacement.Product is good and nice idea but didn't work for me as I was expecting. Color was not accurate on TV (more Bluish color, distortion, black and white lines across the screen while watching youtube videos). I thought there may be issue with TV or wired connection but everything was working fine through chromecast and HDTV Adapter. I asked for refund the same day and got refund the next day (Hats off to Amazon).Thanks Amazon five star*****
August 25, 2015
I bought the 16GB version when there was an offer in which i got it for Rs. 4999 . For this price , the device is very good.I was looking for a device to make my LED Tv smart and although it is advertised as a PC , it works very well for the TV.Pros:Very good responsive UI.Good HD playbackHigh quality mouse and keyboard provided.Keyboard has a volume control button too.Sufficient space of 11 GB available where one can store videos from torrent etc.Nice looking and compact.Very easy to install and HDMI cable is provided. It carries audio signal as well , so only one cable to your TV and that's it.USB joystick is detected , which provides a potential for gaming , although not many games are available for tv yet.One can easily browse ,run youtube , watch movies and run torrent and performance is very good in all .very prompt team , whom i contacted before buying it to clarify which model should i buy.Cons:Advertised to have Microsoft office , but its nothing but a link to playstore to download MS for android, which is free but you have to pay an yearly subscription to create documents .Although technically correct but this claim was misleading.
August 21, 2015
Nice product with innovative design, nice and easy UI based on Android platform but few technical glitches are there like few applications does not work when internet connected through Ethernet. Keyboard and mouse provided with the product is absolute crap. internet connection is required every time to start the unit.
August 4, 2015
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