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Ricoh SP 111 Monochrome Jam-free Laser Printer

Rs. 3,398

16PPM; 1200*600 DPI; High-Speed USB2.0; Windows XP Home Edition, XP Professional, XP Professional x64 Edition, Vista, Win7, Win8, Server2003/2008/2012; JAM FREE PRINTER

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I have had a fraught relationship with home desktop printers over a decade and a half. The relationship till now was restricted to inkjet printers that appear appealing due to their low upfront price and the possibility of setting up your own personal photo studio. Unfortunately, my photo printing over the years was limited to utilizing the set of photo papers that were originally provided with the printer for printing a handful of passport photos. The situation with cartridges is even more dystopic for they not only cost more than the initial capital expenditure on the printer, but end up providing a pretty old yield (number of pages), in part due to shrinking cartridge sizes and in no small measure due to chip-restricted artificial ink levels. On top of that, they get clogged with infrequent usage requiring you to expend even more ink for nozzle cleaning. Cheap refills appear appealing at first but their quality ends up lacking, requiring you to use high quality modes to get decent printouts before the cartridge becomes unusable as a whole.Thus, I had made my mind up this time to purchase a printer solely for document printing as that happens to be my chief use case. Thanks to positive reviews all over the web, it was easy to settle on the Ricoh SP 111. It is remarkable that one can now purchase a personal laser printer for an equivalent amount of less than $50. The setup is pretty easy as the physical connections involve connecting the provided USB 2.0 cable and the power cord. For some reason, there are 2 power cords provided, a 2-pion and a 3-pin one and I personally always prefer the 3-pin option. While setting up, make sure to first install the driver on your PC before switching the printer on. It worked flawlessly on Windows 10 x64.Read more ›
February 12, 2016
price is very high purchased from snapdeal @ 3200/- only
June 7, 2015
Dear Friends If you are buying it for a long term use I would advise please dont jump on to Ricoh. It is a kind of cheating. I bought 2 Ricoh Afficio SP100 one from snap deal and another from local vendor. I got the first one for 2699/- and once there was no stock in snap deal I bought the second one from local vendor for 4100/-I have taken hardly 300 copies in the first printer and then had to refill the toner spending 660/- refilling was so easy and we could do it our self by just buying the powder..The problem started once the warranty was over. the first printer is hanged glowing both lights (red and Blue) and paper feed isn't working. I called up the Ricoh and they told warranty is over and the service engineer will visit at a cost of 1250/- for onsite checking and no further details can be discussed without fixing technician visit. Then I took the printer to a specialised printer repair centre in cochin and confirmed that this is due to a main board complaint and will have to replace the board.Since I had a second printer of same brand I kept this damaged printer aside and kept working on the second printer. Alas the second printer also the same complaint just after the warranty period. Both printers gave me almost like 750 print out. I spoke to another ricoh user and had same opinion.Now the most wittiest part is I called ricoh and they told technician visit for each printer will be 1250/- each and board for the printer to replace will cost 5000/- each which means almost 70% higher than a new ricoh afficio sp100.I personally feel that they program this error in their machines to execute after a certain number of print out or to execute after a certain period after the first boot.Read more ›
March 14, 2016
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