Gala Spin mop with easy wheels and bucket for magic 360 degree cleaning at Rs.999

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Amazon offer where you can buy Gala Spin mop with easy wheels and bucket for magic 360 degree cleaning at Rs.999.

Gala Spin mop with easy wheels and bucket for magic 360 degree cleaning (with 2 refills)

Rs. 999 1999

360 degree rotating mop for easy and better cleaning.; With 'wheels' which helps carrying the bucket from one place to another comfortably; Micro fibre refill with super absorbent capacity; It has ...

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A wonderful product which make's your work quicker, cleaner. On and all its a good item to invest in. I have 2 of these from 2 different brands (one is this) and found the Gala brand to be better of the two.What's nice about this -1. Quality & the finish of the bucket, stick, spin, mop is good2. Spin squeezes out more water out of the mop as a result you have less wet floor as you clean the floor3. 360 degree works smoothly in getting into the corners & underneath your furniture & other stuff4. Quick lock mechanism is better then the twist & turn one available in some of the brands as its more comfortable & quicker5. Bucket size too is good. A small 2 bedroom house can be done without changing the water but for a 3 bed room apartment 2 times change of water is recommended.6. Outlet to drain out water without turning it up-side down7. the thread mop is slightly larger then the other brand mop that i have8. The replacement thread mop is easily available - selling on Amazon already & comes on Daily Deal regularlyWhat's NOT nice is -1. The handle to drag it which is extremely small. Come to think, its A JOKE actuallyIt has been a GOOD BUY for me. When I bought it was for Rs 1299/- and later on it was slashed to 999/- (after it started showing on Snap Deal at that price !!!)If you liked my review please do press YES button just as mark of encouragement for reviewers like me.
October 24, 2015
Gala spin mop design is very creative. The general problem in normal mops is to keep them just wet enough for mopping but not too watery. This design solves that problem.The usage details are not clearly mentioned anywhere. Though its not difficult to figure out, here are some directions that may help you: Keep the mop rod straight (it can be done by applying slight pressure near the hinge at the base). Dip the mop in the water (deep side of the plastic container). Release the lock (It is just above the first stick) and press down the mop rod from top.The mop will rotate absorbing water. Then bring the mop into the plastic perforated tray and again press the rod from the top. The mop rotates removing excess water from the mop. Just keep it enough wet for mopping.For mopping, reverse the lock (to avoid movement of the rod) and keep the rod at an inclination.ProsThe mechanism is very helpful to keep the mop sufficiently wet for the cleaning job. It also helps to keep the mop clean and dry once the mopping is done.The quality and finish of the product are quite good.In the inclined position, its very easy to clean using this mop, especially under the furniture such as cot, table etc.ConsThere are two mop heads received with the product. I read that Gala does not provide any spare mop heads. (but I saw some matching heads of other companies on Amazon). It would be nice if Gala sells the spares directly.The roller mechanism, while it is good, its not very convenient as the handle length is small. however this is not a big negative. As such, you really don't need to take the whole thing every where in the house.Cost is slightly on the higher side.Read more ›
November 19, 2014
I thought Gala would be a quality product, stick twister got jam after a 3 months. Don't want to waste my time on followingup, it's better i don't recommend nor buy any of Gala products
March 8, 2016
Received a mop which is not Gala product
August 3, 2016
Product is good only up to one month after that the spinning rod become struck I already purchased two both R strucked now the spinning rod not at all working and more over amazon not giving any warranty or guarantee to this product so becare full while purchasing!!!!
December 13, 2015
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