Energizer MAX Alkaline Battery E92BP8 AAA Value Pack – Total 8 AAA Batteries Rs.249 – Amazon

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Amazon Offer where you can buy Energizer MAX Alkaline Battery E92BP8 AAA Value Pack – Total 8 AAA Batteries Rs.249.

Energizer MAX Alkaline Battery E92BP8 AAA Value Pack - Total 8 AAA Batteries

Rs. 249

Energizer Max batteries bring long life to the devices you depend on and enjoy.; Energizer brand provides long-lasting power you can count on, Powerseal Technology; Designed for long-lasting ...

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Batteries, who doesn't need them right? If you have lots of toys and other gadgets you will need tons of batteries, like me. So, I end up buying quite a lot of batteries; from almost all kinds of brands - Duracell, Sony, Energizer, Eveready and even Nippo's. I even got rechargeable's but, they didn't work out the way I hoped and so I ended up going back to regular batteries.For now, I have switched to using Energizer for most of my stuff, because they are very often available on deal prices and offer good price vs performance. Here's a little bit of info that might help you if you are thinking of getting these and is your first time with Energizer.The Good========+ Long Lasting Batteries. The batteries are rated for 10 years of shelf life. So, you can stock them up when they are on deals. I have about 14+ sets of these now, stocked up+ Value for Money. If you buy these batteries on deal prices they are good value for money. They offer better battery life compared to ordinary batteries for devices that need that extra power or longer battery life. I use these exclusively on my battery powered screwdrivers, wireless keyboards and toys like Furby.+ Haven't leaked. My last experience with Duracell was bad when they leaked (Yeah, I know supposed to be leak proof, ruining a remote in the process).The Bad======- They are not cheap "IF" they are not on a deal. So, I suggest you don't buy then. At times, Amazon does bundle pricing with 2 or more packs of these battery sets together, which you can also look out for.- Sometimes, you might get 2-3 year old stock. It doesn't really matter because they are rated to be stored for 10 years but, if you are finicky about these things keep that in mind.Read more ›
July 19, 2015
I've shifted over from Duracell to Energizer batteries about a year ago as I've had very bad experience with Duracell leaking inside my devices like torches and remotes.Energizer doesn't have this leaking problem. Its performance is also at par with that of Duracell and these are currently the global standard for alkaline batteries. These last 5 to 6 times over what a regular Indian battery like Nippo or Eveready does and when bought on sale.However, the downside to them is that they are more expensive than Duracell (which are perpetually on sale - even in retail shops) - almost Rs 35 per piece. So i'd recommend buying these only during sale period where you get lightning deals on them (~60% sale).Amazon restricts the purchase to 1 or 2 units per account so thats a bummer, but often, multiple packs are on sale under different listings - like AAA and AA combos etc. Try to grab as many of them as possible so that you can cross the Amazon fulfilled bar of 499 to get free delivery.Final verdict: These are excellent batteries, albeit a bit expensive at normal retail price. Even then they are safer and better than Duracell.But if you manage to snag a lightning deal, this is a killer bargain and highly recommended.
December 14, 2015
Energizer is the best. Lasts 4-5 times more than Eveready Red in my power hungry xbox controller. Way better than Duracell which has spoiled several of my expensive devices due to leaking batteries.
September 29, 2015
Average battery life.
October 19, 2015
Lasts pretty long this ones without leaking (V. Important) on use. Or Even if you leave them unused in your device for a long time. Good batteries have 10yr unused shelf life. These do not leak yet have to experience a single leak unlike Duracell duh! batteries of course. Ultimate batteries for the price. Got a pack of 8 which matches the description. Max value for money the Energizer Max.
November 24, 2015
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