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Amazon brings an amazing offer where you can buy Ecovalley Hearty Oats Lemony Veg, 40g (Pack of 10) at Discounted price Online Rs.97.

Ecovalley Hearty Oats Lemony Veg, 40g (Pack of 10)

Sourced from the highlands of Europe, Weikfield Oats are the healthiest way to start your day. A breakfast that is not only high in fiber, protein, minerals and essential fatty acids, but also your ...

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I didn't like it. May be high upper class gentry of our metros and foreigners and people having lived there for long would love it. To elaborate I shall give you two examples:I had always loved Chinese food while in India. As I headed for Indonesia with a job offer, I was a bit excited that now I might get to eat Chinese food for lunch and dinner everyday. But to my dismay, on a very first serving I felt it too plain, devoid of any taste. That is what I thought that day; as we, in India, were brought up on relatively spicy food, whereas Indonesians and Chinese of Indonesia probably had a different beginning. This was the first time, I realized that what we ate in restaurants of Bombay (now Mumbai) were substantially modified versions of Chinese origin food, developed over time to suit Indian taste buds.Next experience was when I landed in Canada. In my very first job, one evening we were working late and our boss asked us what type of food we would prefer to have? It was a Firm of Charted Accountants and the cuisine came from some very good Chinese restaurant. By now I had forgotten Indonesian experience and with others I also picked up my plate for Chinese preparations. It was better than Indonesian stuff, but still relatively plain in taste as compared to Indian makes served in India. These experiences are 25 years old and might have changed in India as well. Remember though, these observations do not mean Chinese food preparations of foreign lands are tasteless to Indian tongue. For, a later day experience was quite different. A big "Chinese only" restaurant served us a full course of some two dozen or more courses of Chinese preparations has been very satisfying along with Chinese tea in tiny little cups, continually filling them as guests emptied their cup.
January 3, 2017
Best Oat meal I ever tasted. Taste is excellent and is better than other Masala oats/ready to eat oat based porridge preparations available in market most of which I have already tried. I always preferred oats for snacks because of their high protein and rich fiber content. Combination of Vegetables and Dal, Balanced spice with tangy lemon taste, No artificial flavors and taste enhancers make it really the best.
June 8, 2016
Doesn't taste good. I bought it after reading a few reviews but taste is very subjective. I would prefer to stick to safolla masala oats
July 19, 2016
Pathetic product.. they are absolutely tasteless.. waste of money. Better buy saffola or Quaker oats
September 10, 2016
Tasteless Oats . Don't buy this & Don't waste your money on this .... Go for other brand Oats .
August 21, 2016
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