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Amazon selling Audio Technica ATH-CKL203 RD In-the-ear Headphone – Red at Discounted Price Rs.599.

Audio Technica ATH-CKL203 RD In-the-ear Headphone - Red

Rs. 599

Newly designed Ø8.5mm drivers ensure highest audio quality; Comfortable fit with light weight and tiny body; Colorful cable wrap adjusts headphone cable length; Ornamental caps provide a clear or a ...

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good audio quality .and good comfort.........but bass is kinda low.. i mean very mid volume there is no bass......the out put is more of a treble type...... good built quality(will not tangle ,,,)... cannot increase bass after a certain level(very low chirping can be heard)..... this product is best for treble heads..and ...also,,if u dont like an extra bass boost ..only the music ...then this is a good product.but remember...(no bass),,..i give this product only 4 beacuse of the chirping at high bass headset for flat and classicals... not for pop or fxbooster equilizer mode,,,audio quality 8.5/10bass 6/10(no punchy bass)treble 8/10built quality 9/10comfort 9/10
September 11, 2015
Audio Technica, as many wouldn't have heard their name, is one of the TOP brands fighting against sennheiser and JBL . They're professional audio device manufacturers and create the best Microphones and Headphones.Now in this segment, they've proved themselves yet again with the best product possible and the frequencies are reproduced perfectly. No harsh treble or muddy bass. All frequencies are given equal importance and they sound, just amazing, No doubt !. The cable quality is the best as well with a thick rounded cable which would definitely last long.4 Sizes of ear buds are bundled in the package along with the cable management circle thing which 'Might' be useful to some.Overall great earphones especially considering the price. But not those people who expect "Extremely" pumped up fake bass or treble. They produce what's actually on the song and not something just for the sake of it.Rating - 5/5 ( For people who what purity in their listening )
June 23, 2015
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