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Amazon, the online shopping store best offer where you can buy ANT VR Headset (Black) at Discounted Price Rs.299.

ANT VR Headset (Black) for Lenovo Vibe K5, K4 Note, Vibe X3, K5 Plus, K3 Note with Android M update

Rs. 299 1999

Compatible with Lenovo K4 Note TheaterMax technology providing widescreen virtual cinematic experience. Also compatible with Lenovo Vibe X3, K5 Plus and K3 Note (with Android M update); May not be ...

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VR stands for the Virtual Reality, A reality that is created by the technology, VR headsets are the one of those devices who brings an imaginary world around you. Virtual reality headset provides a high quality 360-degree visual experience which uses your smartphone's sensors to make it realer. ANT VR Headset for Lenovo K4 Note is not only for the Lenovo K4 Note, It does support other devices too. After using this AntVR for 3 days, I'm writing this review, hope it will help you.----------PROS:----------1. Price, I got it at the price of cardboard for '499 only.2. Good build quality for the price.3. Glasses friendly, you can use your eyewear with it.4. Good for any screen size smartphone from 4.5' to 5.5'. I have also added a pic of it with my OnePlus One with or without its Diztronic Ultra case which makes it bit bulky but it fits in it without any problem.5. Good quality rubber holders don't harm your phone. (check image)6. Comes with cover to protect it from dust and microfiber cloth to clean lenses.7. Comfortable and not so heavy.----------CONS:----------1. No magnet like original Google cardboard and overpriced for price tag of ₹12992. Glasses are the dust magnet. (Check image)3. Poor design, lights ruins the experience sometimes.4. Official app does not work at all. (crashes)5. Not supported by the Google Cardboard app officially, the app does not recognize the QR given on the box.6. Phone holding mechanism is very bad, setting the phone in it is not a user-friendly task.7. Poor quality cover provided with it but again you get what you pay for.Read more ›
January 24, 2016
This is okay VR headset if you're buying it for 500 with bundle offer, BUT DON'T BUY IT FOR THE FULL ADVERTISED PRICE OF 1299. You can find much better GOOGLE CARDBOARD based headsets for much much lesser. Yes, this VR Headset is not special but based on the OLD GOOGLE CARDBOARD platform. Don't be fooled by Lenovo's buzzword based marketing(THEATREMAX and whatnot). They don't even mention anywhere what THEATREMAX even means. ALSO, don't download the ANTVR android app even by mistake. As others have pointed out, it is utter CRAP and honestly, to me, it seems fishy with all its unnecessary permissions. Now, this headset won't work with google cardboard app on default settings and ANTVR guys, for whatever reason, don't seem keen on creating a setting for calibrating this headset to work with. To make it work with Google Cardboard App and other apps and games supporting Google Cardboard platform, I have selected a QR code which works flawlessly with this headset(after going through over 50 different QR codes). I'm attaching an image of the QR CODE with this post so that you can enjoy your VR experience. Just download the official google cardboard app, scan this QR code with your phone and you're good to go.
January 25, 2016
I bought this VR at Rs. 500/- with K4 Note Mobile and here is my complete review and some tips.Using it since 12 days and believe me it is really giving me a theater experience.Watched horror movies in default VR Mode in MX Player.Let me give you some tips for people who use MX Player for watching movies.When watching with VR you might see two screens 1 full screen and a 1 inch of 2nd screen towards right side.The solution to get rid of the 2nd screen is to change the screen view in MX Player i.e. Fit to Screen, Crop, Stretch and 100%.Check all the views and Fit to Screen will fix the problem.Many users might think it is the VR fault but it is not.Android Apps for VR.1.Cineveo2. Cmoar VR Cinema ProThese two apps give you 360 view and it gives you a feel that you are sitting in a cinema hall and watching.If you turn your head back you will see back seats and nobody is in the seat.Yes it is true! I have tried both the Apps and both are good.Cineveo is good as you can navigate with your finger touch to play movies.Cmoar VR Cinema Pro is also too good but navigation has to be done with your head.How to use these VR Apps.Do not turn on the VR Mode.Just open the VR App, select the movie clip and choose 360 view.That's it.Caution: Do not use VR for more than 3 hours continuously.Take a break in between like after the intermission.I have not seen any problem with VR till now.Trust me guys It is surely a worth even if you purchase at 1299/-
March 1, 2016
Brought this VR in offer for my phone (K3 Note)And i must say this is a top quality VR Headset.Coming directly to product the box contains VR , documentations , soft pouch like cover and a cleaning cloth.The glasses used in VR are premium.Upper and lower cousins are soft amd make VR easy to wear and its comfortable for long use.Overall quality is extremely good. And for better experience you need to fit it tight on face.Many people dont like that its open from both the sidesBut because it does not have any magnetic button ( found in many VR ) we need to touch the screen and so its open fron both the sides so you can touch it to click.I played some VR videos and games its fun. But once the phone is set on vr you cant touch volume buttons.And you cant use this more than 1h becuse of weight.Some tipsAlways set brightness to maximum for better experience.Set voulume befor placing the phone in vrVR magnifies screen so you may see pixels even in 1080P 5.5inch screen. So better use phone with higher res or just ignore pixels.Play galaxy VR game if you really want to experience some 3D sci fi.Hit like if you found this helpful 🙂
October 6, 2016
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