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Amazon offer where you can buy Amul Lactose Free Milk, 250ml (Pack of 4) at lowest Price Online Rs.91.

Amul Lactose Free Milk, 250ml (Pack of 4)

Rs. 91 100

Lactose free milk, first of its kind in India; All the goodness of real milk like proteins, vitamins and calcium minus lactose; Needs no refrigration till opened; Recap facility to prevent spillage ...

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Finally a product for the lactose intolerant. I buy this from Big Basket and not from Amazon as it is easier for that type of item, but kudos to Amul for finally getting this product to our market.Fun fact: Lactose intolerance is actually the normal state of things for adult mammals, it is being able to digest lactose that is the anomaly, not the other way around. This is seen in nature as well where most adult animals cannot digest milk.
February 17, 2016
Opened the package and shocked to find it infested with insects.It doesn't happen all the time.However I request not to let such things happen
June 26, 2016
Blessing for those with lactose-intolerance. Tastes good (similar to lactose-free milk products available in US and Europe), if anything it tastes a little sweet which is but natural for lactose-free milk. I have used it to make tea, coffee, yogurt, lassi and milk shakes-tastes wonderful. Great product, free and prompt delivery. Hope the product continues.
January 31, 2016
Its great to have the convenience of getting the Amul Milk on a click of a button!!Finally all those who were not able to consume normal milk due to Lactose intolerance or indigestion, would be able to consume Milk, that too from Amul and at an affordable price. No need to look for imported Lactose free products!
January 27, 2016
Just what is the point in appreciating the product, when it is not available at all!!I am so disappointed. Why was the product introduced.It was a blessing in disguisefor milk lovers who were lactose intolerant.I had not tasted milk for years.I am 65 years oldand I was so happy that I could now consume milk. My happiness was short lived.As all products that happen in India.You start with a bang and end up in a jiffy!
June 20, 2016
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