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Amazon offer where you can buy 24 Mantra Organic Wholewheat Atta Premium, 5kg at Lowest Price Online Rs.199.

24 Mantra Organic Wholewheat Atta Premium, 5kg

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Low-cal wheat derivative; Highly nutritious; Rich carbohydrate source; Good for digestion

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for all those people looking for soft textured roties or bread, its not for you.it is thicker than ashirvad or any other brand atta..it does taste better than any other wheat flour but has a very low gluten content(gluten makes the wheat flour very sticky but makes fine rotis), which is in fact a filthy protein that can eat up your gut in long term.. this brand does not use the high yielding variety which is high in gluten used by almost all the wheat brands. and the stone chakki makes the flour kind of lightly roasted and flavorful. buy it if you are health consious, not only to avoid pesticides but also gluten. protect our native varieties by at least supporting brands like this..
August 10, 2015
For the last one year or so, we have been regularly using this atta. So far I have tried 4 or 5 different brands which are organically grown, and I think this is the best by far. Taste is good, and mostly new stock available online and in stores, which must mean, its in demand. Also amazon gives discounts every now and then, so i have been regularly purchasing it from here itself. Recommended to buy 1KG's multiple packets and open only as required, which will prevent fungus and all from spreading to atta.
January 12, 2016
When we opened the packet which i bought 2 months before, still expiry date is 2 months .it got some insects in it now, not sure what to do now.
August 13, 2015
I placed order 12 Oct 2015 and recieced 16 Oct 2015 through Amazon own transport service and in good condition. Delivery service is very fast and quality.We used for making Chapati/Roti. Really taste is fentastic with good natural flavour. Price is reasonable. Nearly same price. I recommand you all to use this item and save your health bcoz organic! Thanks to 24 mantra and Amazon!
October 16, 2015
Good quality product with lots of fibre.However, the rotis made with it are not too soft but tastes better than ones made with other brands, have them fresh from the tawa. If you keep them outside for a while, it will get a bit hard.
April 21, 2016
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